Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Like most services we collect small files, known as cookies on our website in order to help remember your preferences and improve our services.

When you visit our website or visit our web-based payment pages to facilitate a payment request, we put cookies on your computer and use them to recognise you and make your experience better.

We also use a third party cookie to facilitate our web analytics, so that we can see the number of visits to our site and learn where our traffic is coming from.

What type of Cookies do you use?

We will use:

Session Cookies

These will help us to understand what activities you carry out on our website, what has been effective and where errors occur. This helps us to improve our service and your experience using non-personally identifiable information analytics.

Persistent Cookies

These will recognise you when you come back to our services, we can remember your preferences and show you what we think you are interested in.

How to block cookies?

We get it, some people prefer bourbons 😜 so you can choose to block cookies.

If you decline our cookie consent request, then we will automatically refrain from using cookies.

You can also block cookies in your browser settings for any website domain, with some browsers offering additional settings for the types of cookies you want to block.

If you choose to block all cookies for, it may degrade your experience of our web apps, and in some cases result in you being unable to access parts of our services.